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Woman in Malaysia Needs a Young Man for Serious Relationship

Hello there SugarMummyFree family, am honored beyond words! We are virtually going international. Today, I received a message from a woman based in Malaysia, who says she wants desperately to date a Man.

Woman in Malaysia Needs a Young Man for Serious Relationship

Woman in Malaysia Needs a Young Man for Serious Relationship

Here’s the message she sent us.
Hello there, I have always been searching solely for a page that will connect me with  guys. Thanks to your Facebook page, where I was impressed to see that you guys have a website that is this beautiful. It is very cool and innovative.

My name is Cherry and I am from and base in Malaysia. I am a fashion designer and a beautician. I have a 3 year old baby girl who is stubborn as hell but she absolutely adores studying.

Another thing I love is Music. Another thing I absolutely adore, is the Movies. I love the movies and go to cinemas very often with my ex-boyfriend and daughter.

Finally, after breaking with my ex boyfriend, I need a man in my life. I need someone who can go out with me. I need a handsome young man.

I need someone who is both young and athletic. A man who should feel comfortable been seen with me in public and if he can not do that, then he should not bother contacting or taking my numbers from below this page.

Take note that I can be reached on Facebook, but I will not give my id out here. All you need to do, if you are interested in me, is send me your whatsapp phone number, I will add you and check you out.

If I discover you fit me, I will reach out to you and we can start talking. Please take note, I personally asked the administrator of this website, to give out my email to the first 40 guys to comment here.

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All you need to do to get connected to this sugar mummy is to first Register HERE with your email address only. This is to keep your record with us and also update you about your connection. You will receive a mail from us immediately you click submit on that registration page. Then, write about yourself in the comment box on this page in the very best way you can convince are that you mean business and you are ready to do as requested. Include you contact details preferably your email address.

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