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A beautiful Sugar mama Claudia is looking for a nice and energetic guy who is passionate and r0mantic to be her b0yfriend. She does not care about the continent or country you come from, the language you speak, what you do for a living, your race, religion or culture. All Sugar mama Claudia wants is a caring person to make her feel l0ved, special and appreciated.

This is the message she sent us..
Hello there, my name is Claudia and I am a talented model and creative fashion designer. I l0ve to meet people and make new friends. I l0ve to explore and learn new things. I can sing, dance, cook, play and I joke a lot. I want to be happy all the time, that’s why am looking for a man who knows the worth and value of having a good woman by his side. I am Loyal, responsible, active, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted, warm, accommodating, se-xy, compassionate, tolerant, laid back type, outgoing, welcoming to people generally.

I am also a one man lady, I like to sing, write poems,listen to music, swimming, playing basketball, watching TV, movies and comedies, In love public intimacy and I want a good man with a good heart, one with good knowledge about to love and who knows how a lady is been treated, age or color difference do not matter to me at all, as long as he loves me, I want a relationship that will last forever and won’t fade no matter what… I want to find my best friend and lover wrapped up into one.

I guess best friend and lover wrapped up into one really doesn’t describe it the way I would and like =. I want to meet that life partner that I can not wait to wake up in the morning to see or get home from work to share miles, laughs good conservation. What I am seeking is a man as laid out in proverbs 31. A man who is strong (but not overbearing), loyal, respectful, kind and sweet. That carry himself like the king he is in all situations. That arouse my intellect as well as physical desires.

Looking for a that somebody that I can share my entire self with. Somebody that is not afraid to be loved as well expresses love… I seek for a serious and long term relationship, someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I dream to meet a responsible and serious man who will be ready to start a serious relationship, who will want to have a family and children! I am a young woman but I am ready to make this step in my life. I see my man a little bit romantic, caring, and loyal, he is able to compromise, he wants to hear me, he discusses everything with me.

He loves me and I have the same feelings in my heart! We are the happiest couple on our planet! A serious-minded person who knows what he wants in life, someone I could share my world with, a caring and understanding man who would l0ve me for who I am and make me part and parcel of his life. I am a woman of protocol and wouldn’t tolerant any form of delay, disrespect or disloyalty from her man.

Sugar mama Claudia wants someone who won’t mistreat or hurt her in anyway, be it with actions or with words. She needs an honest young man, who is fun to be with, open-minded, high-spirited, lively and funny. Sugar mama Claudia says she needs someone who can detect what a woman needs or wants at any given time, a man who knows the true meaning of of l0ve and attention. She is ready to spend and take care of the chosen young man who will be willing to be hers alone..

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25 thoughts on “This Rich Sugar Mama Is Ready To Pay You $20,000 – Are You Interested?, If YES, CLICK HERE

  1. Hi Claudia I’m Robert Smith from Winnipeg Manitoba we have so much in common I’m genuine I’m King of my domain but I don’t flaunt it or over kill it if u know what I mean I have a big heart if I got it we got it we eat together I’m a poem writer n poem lyrics I also want the same essentials in life as you a woman to love me as for Iam I’m white male I got hazel eyes n I’m tall as well I’m shy n I’m nerdy I’m a man of many options to serve you to serve us with happiness I also follow my zodiac sign pisces I just turned 33 of March 10 but my bday wasn’t that great untill I cooked for a family that had nothing like I said if I have it I also bring it to the homeless or family I love too cook that’s my p***ion my happyness it takes me to where I want to pursue a cooking Carrer n lasting love you are probably got lots of men contacting you but Iam different from the rest Iam unique Iam h***st Iam also am loyal n want to be loyal to you reach me at sourkeyssoothers********** or call me 204515***7 when we talk I we’ll give you my what’s app number kay love hopefully u contact me for I want to see where this opportunity of loves goes with us xoxoxox xxx love ya bae ***;.. Robert Smith

  2. Am the type of person your looking for dear bcoz I no how to satisfy and keep u happy for not a cheater or liar am a very h***st person.
    Call me 00***55381067

  3. Never give up untill I get you.
    Am stie following I will do any thing just to make you happy all the time.
    My Gmail:smuwanika82**********
    WhatsApp &ph***:+25***3958989.

  4. Hello Claudia how are you, this is IVAN again from UGANDA & am still following until I get you.
    Am very ready to show you true love,
    I will be faithful, trus***rthy in all time.
    I will do any thing just to make you happy all the time.
    I’m loyal, H***st, Good lis***ers, understanding, Active, caring & loving.
    Always Responsible man,Reasonable, Presentable, smart, Very Organized,& interegent,
    Chose me,I promise you will never regret.
    My Gmail:smuwanika82**********
    WhatsApp & ph*** contact: +25***3958989.

  5. Hi,it’s me IVAN am still following until I get you because am looking for a person like you to be my partner, am a very good lis***er,caring, Loyal, sharing, respectful, active, trus***rthy all the time, A serious minded person & understanding, open-mindedopen-minded who can detect what a woman needs or wants at any given time, a man who knows the true meaning of love, I wish to love you Al*** am a man of his word,i will never let you down never cheating you.
    I’m a Responsible man,Reasonable, Presentable, smart, very organized & interegent.
    WhatsApp & Ph*** +25***3958989.

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