Super-Rich Sugar Mummy Rose Has Finally Chosen You – She’s Very Rich, CLICK HERE

Super-Rich Sugar Mummy Rose Has Finally Chosen You – She’s Very Rich, CLICK HERE: We received an approval from Sugar Mummy Rose who wants to hook up. She is a super cute lady with businesses. Rose is in her early forties and she needs urgent relationship with her sugar boy. She is ready to ease the stress from him and make him feel l0ved again.

Super-Rich Sugar Mummy Rose Has Finally Chosen You
Super-Rich Sugar Mummy Rose Has Finally Chosen You

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Hello Admin, I am a type of Sugar Momma that every guy dreams of. Not because of my fat bank account, but also because I have a sweet looking mature physique that can drive any man wild. Finding the right person have been very difficult for me. in the quest of finding the right person, I have come across a lot of men and some of which are cheaters and some hot tempered. I just need a cool honest man. I’m honest, down to earth woman, generous and caring with a good sense of humor. I l0ve life, dogs, horses, and family. I l0ve to dance and I was a belly dancer… I’d like to find the right one who wants to share all this and more with me.

Please be respectful and assertive but miss me with any attitude. I’m curvy, not average so wanted to make that clear. I keep myself up…aka workout often… Yes, I l0ve to train with weights and I do squats! I’m a small town girl, l0ve all genres of music. L0ve watching football basketball, baseball in that order. Playing pool, bones… anything fun. L0ve the outdoors, especially boating, camping, hiking. L0ve attending festivals of any kind. L0ve traveling, weekend getaways, etc. L0ve amusement parks. I l0ve learning new things, making new friends and hanging with old friends and family. I’m looking for an honest, easy going guy.

So, be honest about what you look like please. save us the disappointment. don’t put old pics out here from several years ago. Oh, and what’s up with the serious sun glass pics? No… I need to see your smile and eyes. And don’t even waste your time if you don’t have a pic.. not cool. I want a man of good character who knows what he wants. An affectionate yet mans man. Someone who is open-minded yet has strong morals. Someone who enjoys staying in shape and being active. Someone who is spontaneous yet can plan too. Someone who l0ves all genres of music. Someone who is adventurous. Someone who has a good sense of humor.

No games players, I can discover jokes very easy. I m not a teen anymore!! so please if u really need women for life you are welcome, otherwise, look further. I am very beautiful with a good voice. I have a nice curve and a good voice for singing. I love to sing and also play games. I am also a fan of football and other sports like hockey. I have a fashion store in Sweden but will be moving them to united state soon. Please help me get a man. Please I will be needing a muscular man who is well educated, funny and fun filled. I don’t need a boring person in my life please. I am a fun filled woman living her best life. I am a musician like I said earlier and I am also a business woman.

I love to party, have fun in beaches, travel round the world to beautiful places, take risk and spend my money. Hope my hobby will be ready for that? He should because he will be my right hand man and must go with me where ever I need him to. I am interested in a man that is muscular, handsome and fun filled. I need the best of men. He must be peace loving and quiet and must be very educated. I will love to have a video call with him before accepting him and will need him to come from any part of the world. I don’t mind. He should be honest, strong and must be ready to please me at all times. If you find any man interested in me please let me know.

I am interested in having the best man I can hold. A man from a good home who is single and searching for a woman like me. I don’t want time wasters. I just need a king for the queen. I will be on vacation and need a guy by my side. I happen to be a Business woman who had lived, studied and done many things in my country. I travel out sometimes although I had been very busy with work but right now, I am in need of someone who will take care of me anytime I need his attention for emotions and pleasure purposes. Don’t worry about finance, because I am loaded and I am very generous too who ever I hook up with.

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