Sugar Mummy Bella In UAE, From Dubai Wants To Meet You

Hi Guys, Meet Big Sugar mummy in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates for connectionDubai is blessed with rich pretty women looking for real love and pleasure, and they’re ready to pay for it.  Today we got a request from sugar mummy, Bella in UAE, she’s big and pretty and ready to spend on you.

Sugar Mummy Bella In UAE, From Dubai Wants To Meet You
Sugar Mummy Bella In UAE, From Dubai Wants To Meet You

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She sent us a mail to post for her to get any guy from this real sugar mummy website, any man interested in a romantic relationship with her. Read below:

I am Bella, am a big sugar mummy. I work and live here for over 20 years, I also have a big super market around. I discovered this website can give me a real man that is strong to handle me in bed anytime. My appetite is very big just like my watermelons you see in my photo, and I will let you taste them plenty. I will pay you monthly, as long as you can make me ask for more and you can always be my side.

I am a healthcare professional and a very funny, down to earth, real, classy, passionate, kissable, loyal, never boring, very small amount of drama, woman!!! Everyone has at least a little bit of drama in their everyday life! Life would be really boring without some type of drama!!!

I love to go to the movies, watch football, plays/productions, concerts, traveling, cooking, kissing, napping, snuggling, tight hugs, romance, and just enjoying living life.

I am a music lover; mostly R&B, but also like old school hip hop, some rap, classic rock, and pop. I always have my music on when doing chores around the house, cooking, getting ready, etc. Dancing… haven’t gone out in years, but love to dance in my house and love to car dance!!!! Wanna come slow dance in my living room to love songs and candlelight?

I am not into materialistic things or religion. This world is so full of haters, and I am definitely a live and let live type of person. While I am really not into politics, it is hard to ignore the abomination towards others of various race, ethnicity and color in the country that I so proudly served in my younger years. I really try hard not to judge, and believe that I am accepting and open minded.

I have a great job, a beautiful house, awesome family, new friends, but am just missing that special someone. I have never cheated in my entire life, and would not be with anyone who is a cheater. I also have a naughty side, so don’t think just by looking at my pics I am a prude!!! I do drop the f bomb occasionally, and am a say it like it is type of person!!!

I am looking for
I would like to fall in love with someone who is capable of unconditional love….eventually. A solid love relationship starts with a foundation built on friendship. I am not desperate or in a rush….but if it happens…. it happens! Just be yourself; kind, funny, genuine, loyal, romantic, passionate, love se-x, attentive, honest, and have nice teeth… to name a few!!!

Ultimately, please have a kind heart, a loving soul, a gentle smile, and be someone who will accept me for me. Flaws and all. Please don’t try and change me… I will do the same in return. Note – You have to be 20 – 30 yrs before you can apply.

If you are interested in this beautiful Sugar mummy from Dubai, she’s loaded, rich and financially stable to fly you abroad and take care of you. If you want her, drop your contacts, email and WhatsApp numbers below and tell her why you are the right man that she seeks and desires, she will come here to read your comments and pick somebody to be with her.

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3 thoughts on “Sugar Mummy Bella In UAE, From Dubai Wants To Meet You

  1. Hello dear,I am that man you need in your world***;we share some fundaments im our relationship standards,most important real love,genuiness,trust and to mention a few,hope to meet you someday,just can’t wait.

  2. Hi,your boy is loyal.just a simple but naughty guy.coming to qualities and likes,it looks like i am your missing half.mostly i’m strong (Strong on bed),love cooking,open mind and open heart with a good sense of kissing is perfect,it can make you horny in the process,when i’m d*** this is your first word ***;baby,you are as sweet as h***y’.to be h***st,i dont like hurting some*** b’cos i hate it when i’m hurt by some*** else.choose me and the flames of fire of love for you will be unquenchable by contact:aliifeanyino3********** OR
    +***813***3321 OR
    At facebook-Alex scott(nickname:flawless snowflake)

  3. hey Bella wow you are such a beautiful lady ,I would treat you any way you like even for free coz you are so pretty.I would like to know you better by the way am 20 but with you age is not barrier so please hit me up my email is billz7907**********

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