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A stunning, smashing sugar mummy age 46  is looking for a young man for a long term relationship. This beautiful sugar mummy is humble, intelligent, rich and homely. She wants a man who can shower her love and in turn she will spend on him. This Sugar mummy is currently divorced and does not have children from her previous marriage. Here is how she described herself and the kind of man she is looking for.

Rich Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Number Is Now Available

Rich Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Number Is Now Available

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How would you describe yourself?
I’m the idea you thought didn’t exist & the gift fewer are ready to receive! I’m putting my first disclaimer out: PLEASE read my ENTIRE profile. I’m very sincere in my search. Please be sincere in your response. Like, something more than “HI”, that doesn’t give me much to respond to and lets me know you didn’t get past line 2 of my profile. If you’re not in my immediate area and can’t sustain or maintain a long distance relationship until things progress otherwise, we should save each other the investment of time on the front end. I personally can and will travel.

I’m here by choice, my life is busy and pulled in a lot of directions…. I’m “hopeFULL” romantic hoping to find my Soul MATE and best friend but in a way that’s just a cliche. I understanding it won’t come without investing in a foundation. I’m passionate about anything I give my time to. Honest to a fault, witty, sensual, exceptionally giving, open PDA, caring, supportive and very spontaneous. I tend to be a thinker and creative. I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries perhaps more and experiencing other cultures is more than just a hobby for me. If you are not passport ready and able, that might be a red flag for consideration.

I hope to find someone able to travel more than once a year or rare weekends. I have a strong sense of self with an assertive personality, but not aggressive. I rarely just sit back and wait for things to happen. I definitely know how to be supportive and allow a man to be a man, no confusion about our rolls.

I’m clearly very active into fitness and I’m attracted to a man that chooses to maintain an equal level of fitness and it shows. I love change, but value consistency. I love adventure but desire security. You don’t have to earn my trust, but if you lose it, it will be hard to get it back. I would love for the man in my life to share similar interest. At 46 I don’t feel like a disclaimer about friendship coming first is needed. It is clearly the foundation of any relationship. But if marriage is not your end goal, or you are emotionally unavailable to have mature open discussions about the future we won’t fair well in conversation.

I’m a true foodie, I enjoy the art of creating moments together in the kitchen, being playful even if you’re just there for conversation. I’m at peace being on the water and traveling is my gateway to unlock my soul. I love the arts a great deal, love live music and concerts of all kinds. While some get enchanted with a pretty face I’m no joke when it comes to business. I’m attracted to a man that’s a natural leader. If you consider yourself an “alpha male” perfect! If you describe yourself as just an average “nice guy”, shy, introverted, unassuming, basic or fall into passive-aggressive personality types, we won’t be a good match. Just being honest. I love a man that pays attention to detail, in the same way.

Few extras:
Avid sports fan (UFC, boxing, football, basketball ) yes I know the game (COWBOYS & ROLL TIDE). Love a well dressed `well-groomed man with a sense of REAL style. I collect wine. Don’t judge a book by the cover but I like what I like. A man with a great smile is attractive. Currently finishing my Master’s and entering my PhD If we don’t have a match don’t be offended at least I’m honest enough not to waste your time.

I am looking for
I’m attracted to a man with a fit athletic build. 6FT or TALLER is my first choice. I think a man should have a sense of style. I attend a fair amount of social events and he should know the difference between casual, business casual, formal, etc. He should be confident and outgoing, secure and thoughtful. It brings me so much pleasure spoiling my significant other with affection and attention. I’m weak for a man that loves to kiss and returns the show of affection through his actions not just words. He should be willing to share his life (past present and future), good times and bad with me and be unapologetic about the excitement of his relationship.

People think it takes years to make up your mind but I think real chemistry and knowing what you want in relationships takes it course with wisdom/ experience. I would love to find a man that’s an open expressive lover, one who is able to romance the dating process and friendship as well as the romantic intimate nature of the relationship. While I don’t care for distance as my first choice, I think if two people connect, it should never be the thing that keeps them apart. In my experience men like to over promise and under communicate. If you’re not sure that long-term relationship or marriage is in your future lets not waste each others time.

He should love sports and must be able to travel (Internationally) I’m at a point in my life this is something I do frequently and is important that the man in my life can be apart of that. Being a true gentleman and one that is thoughtful in his actions. Spiritually connected and ground but not overly religious. He should be financially secure, open-minded and emotionally able to connect. There is nothing more annoying than speaking with someone that has no direction in their life or indifferent to everything. If you think this profile is too long or has too much detail already we don’t have a good match.

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