Meet Rich Sugar Mummy In Netherlands

Meet Rich Sugar Mummy In The Netherlands
Meet Rich Sugar Mummy In The Netherlands

Rich sugar mummy in Netherlands – This 51 years old rich sugar mummy is looking for a man. Her name is Tess and she stays in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. She has contacted this sugar mummy dating site to help her get the perfect gentleman who is willing to be in a long term relationship filled with many exciting benefits. Dating this sugar mummy means you no longer have to worry about financial burdens anymore. You are guaranteed a luxury and comfortable life if this sugar mummy agrees to date you.

About Tess – Netherlands Sugar Mummy
Hi guys. I am a very passionate and vibrant Dutch lady. I am adventurous, enthusiastic, creative and easy going. I love life and creating beautiful memories. I love singing and traveling. I have been to some countries in Africa, Brazil and other beautiful places in the world.

Sugar Mummy’s Ideal Man
My requirement is simple. The kind of man I need is someone who is very exciting and fun in bed. I might not have ever been a sugar mummy but I know what a man will be expecting of me. If it’s caring for him, I can definitely do that. He on the other hand, has to care for him. He shouldn’t carry the nonsense he saw in a movie and try to do it with me. I am a mature sugar mummy and I know what I want. If he can’t give it to me. Then he should come close to me.

A sweet, intelligent, funny, self confident, adventurous, athletic and romantic man. My soulmate! He must be ready to make me the happiest woman in the world.

I would love to find someone to share my journey, a friend first and always, who gets me. You can be yourself and I’ll be me, and we can be us together. I believe in loving kindness, and I know that, despite what the headlines say, we are all way more alike than we are different.

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18 thoughts on “Meet Rich Sugar Mummy In Netherlands

  1. Hi Tess!

    I am currently studying law in the Netherlands. I workout regularly, don’t smoke and drink socially. I love exploring places, things, and especially food. I am confident that I will be able to meet all of your needs. I hope we can contact each other soon!

  2. Hi my dream Queen ❤❤❤❤❤Tess❤❤❤This is Harunor Rashid from Bangladesh of South East Asia willing to be with you as I have read your profile and get very much impressed to and go through all your longings and cravings here for which I am fully ready to offer myself having sufficient physical stuffs and fully equipped to get you satisfied emotionally mentally and physically though I am not too young yet you could find my age to be within 35-45 when you like to verify it.So I would like to prove myself as your desired man wish to be connected with you if you consider me.I ***ure you to get tested my worthinesss as energetic proactive loyal humble sincere h***st easy going, open mined, sensual and responsible to you.I also want you to get me tested in the respective field you need get it d*** sincerely and promptly .I never ask you to consider me If I fail to qualify in ***essment and Acid Test to be your dream man.Before we meet physically requesting you to let me reach you over Hangout Whatsapp or email ID hrashidctg.ibbl**********
    text to +***15543***35 or

  3. yes Tess very disappoiting u are talking to every*** im inviting u to visit lucknow & Nianital but what to is very charming for most of ladies to talk to others not healthy but nasty & nonveg I dont mindcalling some other lady to accompany me as every lady wants it a healthy sign to accompany herHe man. im telling it for last 2 monhts. I dont know the process every way

  4. Mrs Tess, I liked you and your profile. I am kedir from Ethiopia.
    I am educated, caring, romantic respectful and decent man.
    If you accept me, please call me soon on

    1. yes Tess *** news my cfather wasLtDr SFDeane& my GdFatherMr AM deane he was a Britisher& was sent to India in freedom movement of India both have lost their lucrative jobs by British Govt & Viceroy of India both were struggling till 1902 then they p***ed away *** after another.i was the only son & gr son .I CAME to know very late that both were declared Freedom India Govt it is really a matter of p**** for me.I came to know that my Gr Father owned properties in lucknow Agra patialaPunjab&huge properties inDistrict Deane inCentral london.I was coming but due to world cup & season I couldnt.

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