Rich Canadian Sugar Mummy Is Online – Rich Sugar Mummies Available In Canada

Meet Celine, A 43 years old single Mom in Manitoba, Canada. This fun l0ving sugar mama from Canada describes herself as an a lady with a beautiful heart. She goes further to describe herself in her own words.

Rich Sugar Mummies Available In Canada
Rich Sugar Mummies Available In Canada

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I’m a pretty smart cookie who loves anything artsy and creative. I dabble in a little creative writing/poetry and I’m a thespian. Art galleries, museums, poetry readings, good live music of any kind all get me pretty giddy. I have had my share of heartache, I have been misled, cheated on, disrespected, however, I still have hope in finding true love, I am very affectionate, down to earth kinda woman, I like to send messages every so often to see how your day is going, just to let you know I am thinking about you.

I like engaging in a real conversation after a long day at work perhaps over dinner. I believe spending quality time is important and is key to a successful relationship. I enjoy spending time with family, so if you have children as well that is just fine, we can do parks, amusement parks, I do enjoy outdoors, fishing, camping. I am also a fan of sporting events, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Boxing. My perfect match is someone who is ready for the real thing, not looking for games, I am missing the companionship and a True loving partner in my LIFE. I have been disappointed in my last two long-term relationships, I am hoping the Third one is the Charm.

Personally, I enjoy a night chilling on the sofa with delicious take away, but I can also hang with the crowd and have a great time when it’s time to party! I enjoy long walks with someone to talk with about all sorts of stuff or just be silent and enjoy each other’s company. To me, traveling is life! I frequent the UK to hang out with friends a few times a year. It would be nice to have a travel buddy to take adventures with. Let’s see and go together!

I’m attracted to a man who is ( no ones perfect) loving and fun and able to express feelings and thoughts honestly. Who shares an interest in the arts and enjoys traveling. I’ v learned… there is more good in the world than bad. my life, so far, has been positive. I have traveled to many countries. As I meet new people, I’m always reminded that I have many things still to learn.

I’m aware being active and staying fit will lead to a better quality of life. Looks fade and we are all aging. Staying active becomes more important.
My previous relationship exposed me to hiking, camping, cave exploring, rock climbing, repelling, kayaking, para sailing, paragliding, sailing, biking, swimming, and snorkeling. My favorite of these was sea kayaking. I enjoy intelligent conversation. I m looking for a companion. I appreciate kindness, sensitivity, humor, integrity, honesty, romance and compassion.I don’t appreciate serial darters, game players. I communicate on this site. I will take care of your needs by also paying you $4000 monthly for your upkeep.

Celine goes further to says she is looking for someone that has ambition and passion. She wants someone who is not afraid to say how he feels about her.
Celine wants a man who is lighthearted and cool under pressure. This sugar mama needs a manly man who takes charge, talks to her gently and can discuss various topics freely. So guys, do you wish to link up with this sugar mama who is independent, liberal and ready to m!ngle? Just drop your details in the comments section.

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7 thoughts on “Rich Canadian Sugar Mummy Is Online – Rich Sugar Mummies Available In Canada

  1. Having read a little of your life story, I can clearly see,
    how it has shaped your view perspective on things.
    And i am impressed with your positive attitude in life, Celine.
    Life does throw a curveball at us at times, and maybe this is your time to get lucky to have what you wish for.

    Maybe we could catch up, and share some life experiences,
    or plan a trip into the wilderness for some kayaking;)

  2. I am interested at you. I am available for your smile (friendship), pleasure (caring and sharing), satisfaction (physical need) and happiness (comple***ess). I live in Dresden, Germany. I am open to anything. +**** nine *** **** *** *** ***** nine ***** ***** *** *** ****.

  3. Hello Sweat baby I am PEDRO from MOZAMBIQUE i have reed your profile cheerful and I understand you very well I am interested in romantic love with you beacause your situation looks like my, i have some stuation so baby I have looking for women like long time agou i think if you accept me we can form beautiful couple with same history of relationship baby deep in site my heart I love the way you explained your filings in your profile I am prepare to satisfy all your romantic nerds, and I can satisfy you from bedroom to the kitchen beacause I like cooking I like to watch tv sports(football an basketball) I like them mother an sport I like kissing i like holding hand I like romance I love i weel mark you happy I you rock my heart, I wish to be next to you, I can imegrat any were you won’t me to be I love you baby.can we thok on privet my contact for watsapp and calls is +*** 84621 6990

  4. Hallo Celine,
    Good day I hope all is well. Charles Ibwala is my name a Ugandan A 50’s yrs old, I am cool tempered person h***st reliable friendly and faithful. I am generous man I don’t smoke nor drink alcohol but I take softdrinks I am looking forward for long-term friendship that may result in to a serious relationship and marriage. Connect fully for more info in the next Email less.

  5. Hi darling I don’t depend on your wealthy or resources but I only care about your love because it’s something So precious and special to me than anything in the whole world and I promise to love you forever and bring alot of love.. Joy and happiness to your life and I promise to handle you well and serve you al******; And take this relationship to a different level.. It’s your dearest Emmanuel

    Admin check me on Facebook and send My room information to her
    Thank you

    Facebook name***;.Emmanuel Asamoah Nelson with a red headset on my ears and my name Emmanuel is writ*** on the profile photo
    Location***;Accra north kaneshie
    Area***;***;.Greenhand Junction
    Address***;.B1089/10koteyman close
    Video call I want darling I will be calling you regularly if you take me

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