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Relocate to Canada In 2 Weeks as Driver With Work Visa – Salary Up to $7,000 Per Month

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Are you interested in a lucrative career as a driver in Canada? With a valid Canadian LTV driving license and some proficiency in English or French, you can earn up to CAD$6700 per month by driving a taxi for 8 hours a day. In this article, we’ll address all your concerns about earning money as a driver in Canada, the required driving licenses, and the legal process to become a taxi driver, chauffeur, or limousine driver in the country.


Salary of a Taxi Driver in Canada

Taxi drivers in Canada are earning a good amount of money, with average salaries ranging from CAD$3000 to $6700 per month if they work full-time for a month. Below is a chart of taxi driver salaries in various regions of Canada:

RegionHourly Salary8 hours/Day Salary1 Month Salary (8 hours/day)APPLY NOW
Quebec$15.25$122$3660Apply Now
Newfoundland & Labrador$14.98$119.84$3595Apply Now
Alberta$21.37$170.96$5100Apply Now
Nunavut$28.14$225.12$6750Apply Now
Nova Scotia$14.5$116$3480Apply Now
British Columbia$19.23$153.84$4615Apply Now
Ontario$16.67$133$3990Apply Now
Manitoba$14.15$113.20$3396Apply Now
Canada (Overall)$15.91$127.28$3818Apply Now

Can You Immigrate to Canada for a Driving Job?

Yes, you can immigrate to Canada as a taxi driver, chauffeur, or limousine driver. The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) will be the deciding authority, and if these occupations fall under skills shortages in any of the provinces, you’ll have a good chance to immigrate and work in Canada. Additionally, specific taxi operating companies and hotels with chauffeur/limousine driver requirements may also hire skilled foreign staff under permission by CIC Canada.

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Driver?

The process is straightforward. Start by visiting the Canadian immigration/employment portal to search for driver/taxi driver, limousine driver, or chauffeur jobs by inserting their corresponding NOC code. This will provide you with a list of available jobs in Canada for these occupations. After finding suitable positions, submit your credentials to get employed and initiate the immigration process and meanwhile you can check this following list of 17 driver occupations which are in super high demand in Canada:

1Taxicab driver
2Funeral chauffeur
3Limousine driver
4Private household chauffeur
5Long vehicle driver
6Ambulance driver
7Airport limousine driver
8Hearse driver
9Route driver
10Taxi owner-operator
11Private chauffeur
12Funeral driver
13Company chauffeur
14Taxi driver
15Bus driver
16Small van driver
17Truck driver

Qualifications Required for Driving Jobs in Canada

To be eligible for a driving job in Canada, you need to meet certain qualifications:

  1. Appear in the IELTS exam and score at least a 4 CLB score (or appear in the CELPIP French language proficiency exam).
  2. Undergo an online free educational credential assessment (ECA).
  3. Complete up to 3 months of vocational driving training.
  4. Have a good track record as a driver with proven work experience.
  5. Obtain medical and criminal record clearance.
  6. Possess a valid international driving license.


With the potential to earn up to $6700 per month as a driver in Canada, this career path offers a promising opportunity for those looking to immigrate and build a successful future in the country. Make sure to meet the necessary qualifications and explore the available driving job opportunities in Canada. Good luck on your journey to becoming a driver in the Great White North!

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