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Durban Sugar Mummy Needs a Lovely Man – A beautiful young looking Sugar mummy from Durban needs a gentle and lovely man to be with. This sugar mummy is single and has a marketing store and she is willing to be with any man interested in being with her.

Durban Sugar Mummy Sent Her Phone Number

Durban Sugar Mummy Sent Her Phone Number

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This sugar mummy isn’t married but has two kids from her ex that left her when she was younger. This made her sad and now she needs a man who will be with her and also act as a father to her kids. She needs a man within the age of 20-40 years to be with her as this is the only age range she feels comfortable with.

Hey my name is Aida, I am from Durban and I am currently a mother of two kids which I got from my ex before we divorced. I love my kids and won’t like to lose them for any reason. My ex left me three years back and since then I have been struggling to take good care of my kids alone.

Luckily for I was able to start up a good marketing store and currently I am a house owner and also a car owner. My kids are grown and the little one is currently in junior secondary school. I am willing to tell you about my life with my ex so that any man coming for me now should know what to expect.

I initially met with ex when I was in secondary school. My ex was lovely and I couldn’t help not been with him when he asked me to be his lover. I loved him so much and we made a good relationship throughout my stay in secondary school. On getting to the university, we didn’t attend same university so we have little issues seeing ourselves in school.

Luckily we finished from university and started living together in the same apartment. Then I was pregnant for his first kid. After three years if been together with him, I became pregnant for his second kid. I was pregnant for his second kid when issues developed between both of us. I came to realize that he was having an affair with another woman outside and she already had two kids for him too. I couldn’t help sharing my husband with another woman so I had to call off the relationship.

I am a beautiful and cool headed woman with a lovely smile. I love to help people and I am also a good Christian. I have my rules and I don’t like those who try to over step. I am kind and lovely and do not take alcohols or go to indecent places. I live a good life and spend more time with my kids.

I am seeking for a man who will be lovely and honest with me. He should be willing to take good care of me and my family. He should be ready to love me for who I am and also he should be ready to see my kids as his children first before making more kids with me.

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